Auch in diesem Jahr hat die Englisch-Literatur-AG wieder ein paar Literatur-Empfehlungen für die Weihnachtssaison...



As Christmas is approaching the English Literature Club has some book recommendations that can be used as presents for your loved ones or just to be read by you in the quiet time around Christmas.
Enjoy the books and we wish you a very happy Christmas.
Donna Tartt. The Secret History.
ISBN-13: 978-0140167771

In her first novel Donna Tartt tells the story of Richard Papen, a young student at a New England college. In his first year he joins a group of Greek students who study completely isolated from the surrounding college life. Richard is sucked into a world of Greek literature, feasts and a big mystery. He is both fascinated and confused by his new friends’ behaviour and slowly finds out about their secret.

This novel starts with the death of one of the friends and can be recommended for anyone from the age of 14 who wants to find an answer to the questions why it happened and how seemingly normal people turn into murderers.

Terry Goodkind. Sword of Truth – Wizard’s first rule
ISBN-13: 978-0812548051

Wizards, Mord-Sith and Confessors. That’s the everyday life of Kahlan Amnell who comes into Richard Cypher’s normal life. She draws him into her life and another world opens up to this young man who will be in touch with more magic he could ever imagine.

The sword of truth thrills you until the end of the book. It’s a mixture of love story and fantasy in the 13th century. There’s also a series called Legend of the Seeker based on The Sword of Truth.

Sofie Isele and Lara Bednorz of the English Literature Club of the TMG

Jean Hegland. Into the Forest
ISBN-13: 978-3596145843

It’s the apocalypse how the modern world would imagine it. No oil, no electricity, no food.
The world like we know it doesn’t exist anymore and among it there are two sisters trying survive in the woods while waiting for the world to become like it once was.
We recommend this book to everyone from the age of 16 who is looking for an interesting and compelling story about two sisters trying to lead a normal teenager’s life while society is collapsing upon them.

Celine Geckil of the English Literature Club of the TMG


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