Loveletter - to sexy measuring device

Every time we hold you in our hands we feel a certain magic. You are like a window into an invisible world where currents flow and tensions pulsate. You tell us stories of electrical charges and energy that make our hearts beat faster.

You are so precise and reliable, always ready to provide us with the most accurate measurements. You help us solve the mysteries of electricity and reveal the secrets of electricity. With your help, we can better understand the world of technology and bring our projects to life.

But you are not just a tool to us, you are a companion. A special connection is created in the long hours that we spend with you. You are patient and attentive, always ready to help us with our experiments and satisfy our curiosity.

You are a symbol of precision and reliability, but also of the beauty of science. You remind us that there is an order to the world of electricity that needs to be discovered. You open up new opportunities for us and encourage us to push our limits.

Our sexy measuring device, you are a true treasure to us. You are not just an object but a part of our hearts. Thank you for all the insights you have brought us and for the adventures we have had together.

We will always have a special place for you in the physics room. You are unique and irreplaceable. We promise to take good care of you and always treat you with respect.

With all our love and admiration,

Selena Piecha Dorka, 9a